Alex Pfeiffer is a international awarded streetphotographer and workshop teacher, based in Berlin, Friedrichshain.

In 2017 his work has been awarded again at the UNESCO Humanity Awards in Beijing and he was chosen by a international jury in Moscow as one of the 15 best urban- and streetphotographers in Europe 2016.


Since 2017 he's a official member of Berlin1020-Streetphotography Collective.


During the last years he collected experiences and inspiration while working in Lebanon, Iraq, Russia, India, South Korea, Japan, China, Northern Africa, Israel, the Arabian Emirates, various countries in Europe and the United States, especially New York, Las Vegas and Boston.


Honors & Awards

2014 Bronze Medal SHSS Magazin, Poland


2014 Gold Medal SHSS Magazin, Poland


2015 Honorable Mention, Photographic Society of America


2015 Performance Award, UNESCO Humanity Awards, Beijing


2016 Inclusion in the German National Library, Berlin


2017 Top 15 urban-/streetphotographers in Europe 2016, International 35Awards, Moscow


2017 Nomination Award, UNESCO Humanity Awards, Beijing


2017 Winner "Canon HD Photobook Competition", Austria


2018 Group Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens


2018 Solo Exhibition "barefaced" for ArtKreuzberg 2018, Gallery Lieb & Teuer, Berlin


2019 Group Exhibition, Fotogalerie Friedrichshain "Berlin1020 - Off the Street!"


2019 Immigrantopolis 2019, Trieste Photo Festival

Assignments & Publications

-Sony World Photography Awards with Berlin1020

-Urban Art Magazine "Itchy Silk" 2018, London

-Galerie Lieb&Teuer, Solo Exhibition "barefaced"

 Berlin for ArtKreuzberg 2018

-Blank Wall Gallery, Athens "Fine Art" Group     Exhibition 2018

-IFA 2017, Berlin 


-Formula E 2017, Berlin

-You 2017, Berlin

-Martin Meiwes - Coverworks 

-Kinetic Revolution

-Runners World

-View Magazine

-Mad in Berlin

-Mokofuk, Berlin 

-Milch & Zucker, Berlin

-Trautes Hain, Berlin