Vintage streetphotography in berlin

Alex Pfeiffer is a 34 years old urban and streetphotographer, currently based in Berlin, Germany, specialized on the use of old, manual lenses on digital full frame.


Worked and lived in different countries and cities in the last years, like New York, Boston, Las Vegas, Beijing, Osaka, Shanghai, Moscow, London, different parts of India and northern Africa to get in touch with the different cultures of the world and discover the streets. 








2014 Gold Medal SHSS Magazine, "Wide aperture"


2014 Bronze Medal SHSS Magazine, Overall ranking


2015 Honorable Mention, Photographic Society of America


2015 Performance Award, UNESCO Humanity Photographic Awards


2016 Inclusion in the German National Library with "Walls of Berlin"


Assignment & Publications 

Martin Meiwes - Covershootings 

Kinetic Revolution, London

Runners World


Mad in Berlin

Mokofuk, Berlin 

Milch & Zucker, Berlin

Trautes Hain, Berlin